Plan Your Wedding Dream Dance Today...

or face the dreaded "1st Wedding Dance Nightmare"

Which choice will you make?

Consider the dream dance.

Imagine how you'll feel together as husband and wife...moving in perfect rhythm with one another...dancing to that special song that has so much meaning... for the both of you.

It's only the two of you... lovingly held in each others embrace... moving to the music - so happy - so in love...

Wow you're really dancing!




These couples are happy, don't you think?


Will you be one of the happy couples or will you experience"The 1st WEDDING DANCE NIGHTMARE"

It's a nightmare to be stumbling along, stepping on each others toes and struggling to find the rhythm. Feeling silly, like a deer in the headlights. Even worse, it's happening in front of people you know. How embarassing would that be? You don't have to let it happen to you. Avoid the nightmare.

Text Wedding Dance to 617-325-1562.

Here are three of the most common statements we hear from couples who are planning on getting married.
"Our wedding is in 2 weeks and we want to look great for our first dance." (reality: not likely)
"Our wedding is coming up soon and we need to know how to dance so we don't look silly on the dance floor." (good choice)
"We wish we had started sooner, we could of been so much better." (truth)


If one of those statements is you we have good news...You won't have to suffer through the "1st wedding dance nightmare" or look and feel silly because you've found...



The 1st Wedding Dance Nightmare Solution

DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio in North Weymouth, MA

Help is only a smart phone away... Text Wedding Dance to 617-325-1562.

Your dream of dancing together will become a reality in our studio. Here's why...

DanceSport Boston has been preparing new couples to dance for their wedding day for over 25 years.

We make it fun. You'll be amazed at how easy we make it. But it won't happen if you don't come in.

Frankly, it does take some planning, time and effort on your part

And you'll discover that it's worth every minute that you invest into your new skill on the dance floor.

Your end result is a lifelong lasting memory... the one of your first dance as husband and wife.

Before the end of your lessons you'll have discovered something special.

That you'll be dancing together confidently. Yes, you'll dance in front of all your guests with a smile on your face.

You'll gain the admiration of your family, your relatives and maybe even surprise your friends...

All because you'll have gained complete confidence in your ability to dance your first dance.

You'll both be comfortable and make it look great together.

Why not shine in your first dance as husband and wife? Imagine how wonderful you'll feel.

Take your first step and text wedding dance to 617-325-1562.

If you prefer you can also call to arrange your first appointment.

Some things to consider

We strongly suggest that you give yourselves enough time to take lessons and to practice. We urge you to consider taking lessons 3-5 months prior to your wedding date. The reason being that you'll take away the pressure of doing it at the last minute. You'll have enough other things on your mind won't you? Don't let your first dance be one of them. Call or text now. 617-325-1562

We offer several different sized wedding packages. They include private lessons and a free gift. The gift is our way of saying thank you for choosing DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio. By the way there's a package to fit most everyone's budget. Or design your own. We're flexible.

Here's what else you need to know

On your first visit you'll need to bring your music. It can be on a CD or in your smart phone. Together we'll listen to your music so we can help you determine which dance best fits your song. Once we know that here's what will happen...


Don't delay. Text wedding dance to 617-325-1562 or call us.

We look forward to meeting you in our studio!

p.s. need to tell us more? use our contact page

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