The Wedding Dance Dream

Imagine the feeling you will have together as husband and wife...moving in perfect rhythm with one another to that special song that has so much meaning for the both of you. It's only you and her, lovingly held in each others embrace, moving to the music, so happy, so in love...and you're really dancing!

The Wedding Dance Dilemma

"Our wedding is coming up soon and we need to learn to dance so we don't look silly on the dance floor." That is one of the most common statements we hear from couples who are planning on getting married.

The Wedding Dance Solutionlogo

DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio in North Weymouth, MA.  call 781-682-1014

Your dream of dancing together can and will come true in our studio through the professional instruction we offer in either group or individual lessons.

DanceSport Boston has been teaching new couples to dance for their wedding day for over 25 years. We make it fun, it's not always easy, yet the end result is always a lifelong lasting memory of that special first dance! It will take some planning, some time and some effort,and you will find that it's worth every minute that you invest into your new skill on the dance floor!weddings01
You'll have the admiration of your family, relatives and friends... you'll have the inner confidence of knowing that you have learned something really well, well enough to be able to do it together in front of all your guests
Think of how good you'll feel when you get to your reception and have all the confidence you need to shine in your first dance as husband and wife! Take the next step and give us a call at 781-682-1014 to book your first appointment for only $20 pp ($40 couple). We strongly suggest that you give yourselves enough time to take lessons and to practice. Consider taking lessons 4- 6 months prior to your wedding date. We do offer several different sized wedding packages, something to fit everyone's budget; or you may design your own. We are flexible. You will need to bring your music in CD or Ipod form so we can help you determine which dance will best fit your song. For us it's that easy, for you there will be a lot more to do. You will have to learn the steps, the rhythms and most importantly how to do the dance as a couple. We look forward to meeting you in our studio!